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Karma Vinyl & Movie Posters Shop

Podgorska 3, 10 000 Zagreb Croatia
Zagreb, cro 10 000

Nearest Cross Streets: Ozaljska

Phone: +385 99 881 4017
Email: [email protected]
Website:  http://facebook.com/karmavinil
Sells:New & Used items
Items:Vinyl, CDs, Videos, DVDs, Books, Posters

Store Description:
Karma Music Shop is specialized in selling rare vinyl records (LP, SINGLES, 12“, 10“), CD’s, DVD’s, movie and music magazines from Croatia and from other countries from former Yugoslavia. Also we offer a large amount of original and license pressings from USA, Asia (India, Japan, Taiwan…), Europe and from other parts of the world. Our specialization is music from parts of former Yugoslavia, from popular music (Tereza, Ivo Robic), beat (Crveni Koralji, Zlatni Akordi), pop-rock & new wave (Bijelo Dugme, Film) to progressive rock (Drugi Nacin, Korni Grupa, Smak, Pop Masina) and punk (Pekinska Patka, Prljavo Kazaliste). Also, we are spcialized in rock music from all parts of the world, from the 50′s to this day. You can choose between: oldies, instrumental rock, rock ‘n’ roll, beat, psychedelic, progressive, pop-rock, blues-rock, jazz, classical music, soul, funk, disco, electronic, reggae, ska, hip-hop, punk, new wave, metal and alternative music. Our head-quarters are in Zagreb, Croatia, where we have second hand shop and publising record company (Karma Records). At this moment we offer, on our lager, more that 25000 different items, and every day we are spending our catalogue with new items. Our main aim is to offer collectors of records from all over the world the best quality!!!