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New On Vinyl

Bergschenhoek (Rotterdam), Zuid-Holland 2661 ED

Email: info@newonvinyl.com
Website:  http://www.newonvinyl.com
Sells:New & Used items
Items:Vinyl, T-Shirts

Store Description:
New on Vinyl the online store for new vinyl. We are the new online place to go for Vinyl lovers. We offer a big and wide range of records and a highly user friendly and transparant payment environment. New On Vinyl take very good care of the records which reflects on our packaging and transportmethods. We are specialized in new releases from your current musical heroes but also in new released records from all your old heroes. We represent record Labels as Music On Vinyl and Back to Black records (Universal music). Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed of new releases, special discounts and more! www.facebook.com/newonvinyl www.twitter.com/NewOnVinyl