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Phoenix Records

Madison, Wisconsin 53704
United States

Email: [email protected]
Website:  http://phoenixmarket.phoenixtools.org
Sells:New & Used items

Store Description:
I specialize in 45's with wide variety of genres and eras and am interested in buying 45 collections. I have been selling records as full time job for over 5 years. I grade conservatively using a blue spectrum 200W CFL. I take and provide a photo of each item I have for sale, I do not use stock photos! I can create an MP3 sound clip on request. I give a detailed description for each record in my inventory about label, catalog number, genre, release year, country of manufacture as well grading notes. I pack each record carefully with proper padding and new mailers. I mail out all paid orders each postal day. My feedback reflects my quick response time, quick shipment, professional packing and high customer satisfaction with my service. I strive for 100% positive feedback and will work with you if there is ever a problem with your order.