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M Theory Music

915 West Washington st.
San Diego, California 92103
United States

Nearest Cross Streets: Goldfinch, Hawk

Phone: (619) 220-0485
Email: Rick@mtheorymusic.com
Website:  http://www.mtheorymusic.com
Sells:New & Used items
Items:Vinyl, CDs

Store Description:
M-Theory Music carries CDs, Vinyl, and DVDs in most all genres, but has a particular passion for indie rock, hip hop, jazz, soul, funk, metal/punk, blues, garage, psych, folk, world, & electronic. If you're a customer looking for that amazing new release (or just want us to turn you on to something you haven't heard yet), you've come to the right place. And if you're a DJ looking for that out of print soul or R&B record to spin at your next gig, we've also got an incredible selection of new and used vinyl to choose from. We are all passionate collectors of records and place a large emphasis on that.